Dear Couples,

I only take a select number of clients a year, so please inquire about your upcoming wedding date!

Email :

Believe it or not, I especially love last minute courthouse and small intimate weddings, and I have specialized pricing for that (hint, it’s cheaper). I just need a 48 hour notice. ;)

Also, due to my unique relationship with the military as a veteran, all military weddings are 20% any time of the year.

Things to Note About Pricing :

Please understand that I require a small deposit up front for all my bookings via Venmo.

I will 100% work with you on a price we both agree with if none of my packages make sense for you. We can add or omit things.

I am first and foremost a fine art portrait photographer before I am a traditional photo journalist, so my imagery (and pricing) is going to reflect that. I’m all about capturing those “movie” moments. I also shoot with film, so that is also reflected in my pricing. (Analog is coming back! Wee!)

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Anna Madsen Jefferies