Anna + Tim Wedding // Salem, MA

Last wedding of the season for me was in Salem, MA, and it was gorgeous. Tim and Anna were darling, and the day was beautiful.

Most people would hate that it rained that day (including the poor bride) but the lighting was perfect, and historic Salem is one of the best wedding backdrops I've had the opportunity to photograph so far. I took hundreds of photos that day, so as usual, I'm only posting the favs, or moments that help further the narrative of the day.


In no particular order. (Favorite Wedding / Engagement Snapshots 2017)

Obviously, I've been awful about updating my blog on here (something I'll get better about doing) but here are some of my favorite wedding photos from last year in no particular order. I took thousands of wedding photos last year, so this was hard to narrow down, but I try to operate my blog posts like a gallery, so these are my absolute favorites.