Leah Astore // 3-09-2019

Had an amazing art filled weekend with Leah Astore and Zack Stone. Leah has quickly become not only a wonderful friend, but one of my favorite models to photograph and pose with. <3

These were some of my favorite photos of Leah that I took on film (and digital) this past Saturday - if you want full sets, go visit her Patreon.

Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/leahastore

Dafne - Part I

Winter blues are hitting me hard lately, so I don’t have much to say other than, “look at these pretty photos I took of this kick ass model I met via IG”. So, I’m going to do that.

Dafne is absolutely, without a doubt, a fantastic model to work with. (I mean, look at how she emotes. SO. GOOD.) ANNNNNND she drove all the way up to Keene, NH from MA to shoot with me, which I mega appreciated, because I currently do not have a car.

To make the drive worth my model’s time, I try really hard to shoot at least two concepts in a sitting. Three is better, but two is fair. This was also a test shoot, so we did a very basic wardrobe, and just made them moody AF because it’s freezing, and nobody wants to be outside to begin with.


*** insert Reddit meme here ***

Anyway, for those that know me, I’m very heavy on symbolism, so I threw in a nod to some of my cult heritage in these photos (as you can see on set one). Photography, I guess if nothing else, can be cathartic.

Enjoy, peeps.

Sasha + Mon Amie

Kind of a quick little post, but this is my set for the test shoot I did with Sasha from a few weeks ago. We shot inside “Mon Amie”; a local jewelry boutique store here in Keene, NH. Everything was shot on film.

Love how simply elegant these are, but would like to try this concept again with either a higher speed film, or a continuous lighting set up, as some of the shots (that I did not include here) were a lot grainier (even for film standards) than I would have preferred. As you can tell, the best shots were near the window. Gotta love natural light.

Sasha is fantastic model, and the owner of Mon Amie, was absolutely lovely. Can’t wait to work with both of them again!

Model : @sasha.explores
Jewelry : Mon Amie Fine Jewelry in Keene, NH
Film Scanning : Monadnock Imaging
Equipment : Kodak Gold 200 + Ektar 100 // Pentax K1000 50mm

Adam Soucy // @adamgsoucy


Ever since I was medically discharged from the Army (your girl got a lot of stress fractured bones during basic training, so that kind of sucks, but it is what it is), but anyway, I have so much to catch up on. I will eventually do that, but for now, here is my latest, latest, shoot with my boyfriend Adam Soucy. He’s a professional drummer out of the Southern NH / Boston, MA area, so go give him love too.

Adam’s Links :


IG : @adamgsoucy

We were out frolicking around being all romantic and stuff, and I had him pull over really quick so I could take some shots of him with the overcast lighting we were getting that day. Really, really, love how these turned out. We got the vibey / musician magazine look going on here, so I was happy.

Equipment :
K1000 Pentax / 50mm / Kodak Gold 200

Steph // Lilac Curses + Dandelion Whispers (May 2018)

While in New England to photograph a wedding, I caught up with my friend Steph. We walked around Bedford, New Hampshire, took some photos on the side of the road, and then ate the best damn yogurt thing I've ever had, at Bedford Village Inn, (like the posh and classy ladies that we are), and I ordered a wine called the "Velvet Devil" because of course I did. As Steph put it, "If God ever made a wine for Anna Madsen, it would be called the Velvet Devil".

She's right. (Hope God was listening, cause I could use some of that Velvet Devil right now, while I try and finish editing this wedding). 

Anyway, we finished our overpriced, but fancy as fuck brunch, and then chatted in her car for another hour or so, before I bid this lady farewell. I love this girl, I'm going to miss her. 

Hope you dig the photos, ladies and gents. <3

Demi // Pot of Gold (March 2018)

I'm not on social media anymore. Kind of just got sick of it, so here I am instead. Nobody is probably going to read this anyway, but I don't really care. Dem and I created some epic shit in March, so I'm going to post them on here.

This shoot concept was all Dem - she wanted to do a "March" themed shoot for her Patreon, and honestly, I was really excited she asked me to be apart of it, because I love working with themes. Everything we used from this shoot was from the dollar store, so there wasn't any wicked photo shop going on in these images. (Yes, Dem is actually that flawless. I know. She is gorgeous, inside and out.)

We shot hundreds of images, because I chose to do digital for this session, but these were my top picks.

Enjoy, kids. 

Music Vibes that Day :

Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby (Album)
Fifth Harmony - Top Down