Dafne - Part I

Winter blues are hitting me hard lately, so I don’t have much to say other than, “look at these pretty photos I took of this kick ass model I met via IG”. So, I’m going to do that.

Dafne is absolutely, without a doubt, a fantastic model to work with. (I mean, look at how she emotes. SO. GOOD.) ANNNNNND she drove all the way up to Keene, NH from MA to shoot with me, which I mega appreciated, because I currently do not have a car.

To make the drive worth my model’s time, I try really hard to shoot at least two concepts in a sitting. Three is better, but two is fair. This was also a test shoot, so we did a very basic wardrobe, and just made them moody AF because it’s freezing, and nobody wants to be outside to begin with.


*** insert Reddit meme here ***

Anyway, for those that know me, I’m very heavy on symbolism, so I threw in a nod to some of my cult heritage in these photos (as you can see on set one). Photography, I guess if nothing else, can be cathartic.

Enjoy, peeps.

Sasha + Mon Amie

Kind of a quick little post, but this is my set for the test shoot I did with Sasha from a few weeks ago. We shot inside “Mon Amie”; a local jewelry boutique store here in Keene, NH. Everything was shot on film.

Love how simply elegant these are, but would like to try this concept again with either a higher speed film, or a continuous lighting set up, as some of the shots (that I did not include here) were a lot grainier (even for film standards) than I would have preferred. As you can tell, the best shots were near the window. Gotta love natural light.

Sasha is fantastic model, and the owner of Mon Amie, was absolutely lovely. Can’t wait to work with both of them again!

Model : @sasha.explores
Jewelry : Mon Amie Fine Jewelry in Keene, NH
Film Scanning : Monadnock Imaging
Equipment : Kodak Gold 200 + Ektar 100 // Pentax K1000 50mm

Emily Megan // Black and White Film (May 2018)

I got my film back today! WEE! Film was developed and scanned by Monadnock Imaging in Keene, New Hampshire. I used to work there, so my film gets turned around pretty quickly.

Anyway, I haven't shot my sister in awhile, and so when we hung out a couple weeks ago, I had her model for me on black and white film. We literally took 7 photos, and that's all we needed. It was raining that day, and we had just been hanging in my room, so I snapped a few photos of her next to my window. I had her throw on a jacket I found in Portland, Oregon when I went up there with Demi Petersen in March, and I LOVE the way the texture of the piece showed up on the film. Also, it's from the 80's, so extra bonus! 

I've been actively shooting my loved ones so I can add them to my photo album that I'm putting together before I leave for the Army, so I was pretty stoked about these. (Side note : It was cool that my sis was comfortable showing off her sensual side for this shoot. She's not my kid sister anymore. Love you Lizzie.) Here is every shot we took!

Demi // Oregon Part II (March 2018)

Dem and I spent the day going to antique and consignment shops to purchase props and wardrobe for future shoots, but we decided to try and find the local hot springs we had heard about, so we could shoot one more set before it got too dark.

We drove for about a hour, and were unsuccessful in finding the hot springs (our GPS stopped working as we drove deeper into the forest), so we settled on doing a fine art concept in Oregon's brilliant and ancient landscape. 

For those of you who don't know me, I like to portray stories in my photographs, but to be honest, for this concept in particular, both Dem and I didn't have a specific emotion in mind. Most of these photographs are a celebration of the female form, as well as the beauty of the backdrop. 

I'm absolutely ecstatic with the images we got, and very impressed with the Cinestill film - as the name suggests, the colors emanate a very cinematic feel, and it is right in line with my preferred style of photography. I will definitely be shooting with this film again. 

(Also shout out to Dem for getting naked in the freezing weather)! 

Demi // Oregon Part I (March 2018)

Dem and I trekked up to Oregon, and we ended up in Bend, (about four hours from Portland) to visit her aunt. I had never been to the Pacific Northwest, nor had I ever shot with Cinestill film before, so I was pretty excited to get out there and shoot.

These images were taken inside a quirky antique store, and right outside in the parking lot. The film I had in my camera at the time was a daylight film (50 ISO) so I was worried the photographs we took inside may have been too dark, but I pushed the film a few stops, and they ended up okay. By the time we got outside, the lighting was fine, and I settled on pretty even exposures for the rest. Because the parking lot was limited in its inspiriation, I focused heavily on shadows, and capturing Dem's various emotional expressions.