Leah Astore // 3-09-2019

Had an amazing art filled weekend with Leah Astore and Zack Stone. Leah has quickly become not only a wonderful friend, but one of my favorite models to photograph and pose with. <3

These were some of my favorite photos of Leah that I took on film (and digital) this past Saturday - if you want full sets, go visit her Patreon.

Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/leahastore

Adam Soucy // @adamgsoucy


Ever since I was medically discharged from the Army (your girl got a lot of stress fractured bones during basic training, so that kind of sucks, but it is what it is), but anyway, I have so much to catch up on. I will eventually do that, but for now, here is my latest, latest, shoot with my boyfriend Adam Soucy. He’s a professional drummer out of the Southern NH / Boston, MA area, so go give him love too.

Adam’s Links :


IG : @adamgsoucy

We were out frolicking around being all romantic and stuff, and I had him pull over really quick so I could take some shots of him with the overcast lighting we were getting that day. Really, really, love how these turned out. We got the vibey / musician magazine look going on here, so I was happy.

Equipment :
K1000 Pentax / 50mm / Kodak Gold 200

Emily Megan // Black and White Film (May 2018)

I got my film back today! WEE! Film was developed and scanned by Monadnock Imaging in Keene, New Hampshire. I used to work there, so my film gets turned around pretty quickly.

Anyway, I haven't shot my sister in awhile, and so when we hung out a couple weeks ago, I had her model for me on black and white film. We literally took 7 photos, and that's all we needed. It was raining that day, and we had just been hanging in my room, so I snapped a few photos of her next to my window. I had her throw on a jacket I found in Portland, Oregon when I went up there with Demi Petersen in March, and I LOVE the way the texture of the piece showed up on the film. Also, it's from the 80's, so extra bonus! 

I've been actively shooting my loved ones so I can add them to my photo album that I'm putting together before I leave for the Army, so I was pretty stoked about these. (Side note : It was cool that my sis was comfortable showing off her sensual side for this shoot. She's not my kid sister anymore. Love you Lizzie.) Here is every shot we took!