Demi // Oregon Part II (March 2018)

Dem and I spent the day going to antique and consignment shops to purchase props and wardrobe for future shoots, but we decided to try and find the local hot springs we had heard about, so we could shoot one more set before it got too dark.

We drove for about a hour, and were unsuccessful in finding the hot springs (our GPS stopped working as we drove deeper into the forest), so we settled on doing a fine art concept in Oregon's brilliant and ancient landscape. 

For those of you who don't know me, I like to portray stories in my photographs, but to be honest, for this concept in particular, both Dem and I didn't have a specific emotion in mind. Most of these photographs are a celebration of the female form, as well as the beauty of the backdrop. 

I'm absolutely ecstatic with the images we got, and very impressed with the Cinestill film - as the name suggests, the colors emanate a very cinematic feel, and it is right in line with my preferred style of photography. I will definitely be shooting with this film again. 

(Also shout out to Dem for getting naked in the freezing weather)!