Demi // Oregon Part I (March 2018)

Dem and I trekked up to Oregon, and we ended up in Bend, (about four hours from Portland) to visit her aunt. I had never been to the Pacific Northwest, nor had I ever shot with Cinestill film before, so I was pretty excited to get out there and shoot.

These images were taken inside a quirky antique store, and right outside in the parking lot. The film I had in my camera at the time was a daylight film (50 ISO) so I was worried the photographs we took inside may have been too dark, but I pushed the film a few stops, and they ended up okay. By the time we got outside, the lighting was fine, and I settled on pretty even exposures for the rest. Because the parking lot was limited in its inspiriation, I focused heavily on shadows, and capturing Dem's various emotional expressions.